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A little like the flexibility of leasing or HP, but with a lot more besides…Explains Matt Andrew, MACH Machine Tools’ Director:

After our hugely successful launch into the UK market 5 years ago, with what we believe to be the best quality manual range of machine tools available on the European Market, and having over 500 installations of our product here in the UK now, after months of working with our build partner and finance partner, we are ready to launch a range of “ready to go” CNC lathes and Vertical Machining centres…all following the MACH ethos of best in class, best value, and best performance without a huge of accessories to make it go!

Forget about buying a New MACH Machine, that’s not how it will work. For business users this may well be the best part of the plan. Instead of buying the machine you will simply pay a fixed monthly subscription.

The all-inclusive, no deposit, flat monthly payment ensures you never have to worry about depreciation, maintenance or disposals ever again! The subscription includes delivery, installation, training, servicing and planned maintenance. It will be for a fixed term of one, two or three years. At the end of the contract MACH will collect it and deliver your next new MACH machine tool…We believe that this will revolutionise the way you equip your shop from now on! It really is a no brainer.

If you think that sounds like a lease or HP deal, you wouldn’t be far wrong, but it goes further than just that. For example, need some additional tooling, work holding, a 4th axis unit or some inspection equipment for a specific job? No problem, MACH will supply whatever it is you need, you simply return it when you’re done. Need another spindle for a short-term contract? Again, no problem. MACH will lend you a suitable machine to do the job from its in stock machine fleet. Need a machine tool other than a MACH Product? Again, no problem…MACH’s links with its sister Company, Machine Tool Sales Online, and its funding Partners, Close Brothers, enables MACH to supply pretty much anything you need, both new or used.… These are just a few examples of MACH’s Hire services. Of course, all of these examples are optional extras, but the beauty of the service is that you only ever pay for what you need.

MACH Machine Tools’ customer service is the other area that makes them stand out from the rest…”you will not be let down in that area”, assures Mr Andrew, as he summed up the new approach:

“Our vision is that MACH Machine Tools’ MACH Hire subscription service, that will be launched at the forth coming Mach2018 at the NEC in Birmingham in April 2018, will help to define the brand. We will provide a service that exceeds the needs, desires and expectations of our customers, in a partnership that will feel more like a members club. We will grow with our customers to ensure that they are not let down by a supplier whose customer base got bigger than they can support…sound familiar…that’s why we’re doing this! Our customers are at the heart of MACH Machine Tools, removing the inconvenience of ownership and all that that brings, will release them to concentrate on what they do best…making parts!

We have already got expressions of interest from prospective customers ahead of launch for 1st quarter next year…we can’t wait to roll this out now… If you’re interested in learning more about MACHs’ Hire Services, then please contact MACH Machine Tools directly.

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