05 March 2024

Making things different and making things better!

MACH Machine Tools announces that its technology line-up for MACH 2024 will comprise eight best-selling DynaPath CNC controlled machines, including two models from its recently-introduced MACH MDV-series of vertical machining centres, as well as a number of its popular and proven manual machines and a range of its machine shop equipment.

MACH Machine Tools, part of the Vigilance Group and a leading supplier of CNC and manual machine tools and machine shop equipment to UK and Irish component manufacturers, has announced that it will be showcasing eight DynaPath-controlled machines on its stand (HALL 20 – Stand 402) at MACH 2024.

The machine line-up, which includes the company’s recently-launched MACH MDV 855 and MACH MDV 1160 vertical machining centres, not only demonstrates the depth and breadth of MACH Machine Tools’ constantly evolving and improving product portfolio, but also the importance of this year’s MACH Exhibition to the company’s marketing objectives and future growth ambitions.

Says Dave Andrew, managing director of the Vigilance Group:

“We’ve booked our largest ever MACH stand to showcase a wide cross-section of the different technologies we now provide to customers.

“As well as our (two) new MDV production-oriented vertical machining centres, we’re also exhibiting an impressive selection of our toolroom mills and lathes and, if space allows, we’ll also be taking a MACH MDHS 65 high-speed machining centre too.”

Over the last 11 years MACH Machine Tools’ growth has been exponential.

From initially supplying customers with its (now iconic) manual VS-1 turret-type milling machines when the company was first incorporated back in 2013, MACH Machine Tools can now provide component and mould tool manufacturers with a comprehensive range of CNC milling machines and lathes, all equipped with the advanced and innovative DynaPath control system, as well as impressive range of manual lathes, mills, grinders, drills and bandsaws etc.

Continues Dave Andrew:

“MACH 2024 provides a great shop window for us to showcase our technologies to visitors.

“Many of the machines being exhibited on our stand will be under power performing a range of innovative machining demonstrations designed to show-off their capabilities (i.e., processing speeds, accuracies etc.).

“The stand also includes a ‘Genius-type Bar’ facility which, using advanced CNC simulators, will enable visitors to test-out the DynaPath control system for themselves.”

DynaPath CNC controlled machines being showcased at MACH 2024

MACH MDV 855 and MACH 1160 vertical machining centres

MACH MDV 855 and MACH MDV 1160 production-oriented vertical machining centres have pride of place on MACH Machine Tools’ stand.

The machines being exhibited are equipped with direct-drive 12,000rpm (BT40) spindles, 24-position swing-arm ATCs, large worktables (up to 1200mm x 600mm on the MACH MDV 1160), and boast 36m/min rapid rates on all axes.

The MACH MDV 1160 will be showcased with a 4th-axis table for fast indexing etc.

• MACH MDS 845-8T, MACH MDS 900-4T and MACH MDM 700 toolroom mills

MACH Machine Tools has a reputation in the market for supplying customers with high-quality, reliable and value-added toolroom mills and, at MACH 2024 the company will be showcasing two machines from its range.

The compact MDS 845-8T ‘spider’ toolroom mill is fast and flexible and features a 5.5kW/8,000rpm direct-drive BT40 spindle and a generous-sized worktable (850mm x 420mm).

The machine is also equipped with an integrated 8-position tool changer that increases its productivity and performance potential.

The MACH MDS 900-4T, in addition to its 3.75kW/5000rpm spindle, has a large worktable (1470mm x 320mm) with a 220kg maximum table load and a 4-position ATC.

Completing the company’s toolroom mills on show is the MACH MDM 700 – a popular and proven machine with a 5000rpm spindle and a 1244mm x 228mm worktable.

Other CNC milling machines being exhibited include a MACH MDT-1 turret mill.

MACH MDL 1600 flat-bed lathe

The 8” chuck MACH MDL 1600 is a flexible and powerful flat-bed lathe with 1050mm distance between centres, a 7.5kW/3500rpm spindle, a manual tailstock and an automatic 4-way tool post.

Manual machines and equipment being showcased at MACH 2024

In addition to eight DynaPath-controlled CNC machines being exhibited on its stand, MACH Machine Tools is also taking a range of its manual machines and toolroom equipment to the show.

These include a, now legendary, MACH VS-1 turret-type milling machine, a MACH L 1340 and a MACH L 1550 manual lathe, as well as MACH-branded bandsaws, belt linishers, double-ended grinders and pedestal drills.

Concludes Dave Andrew:

“We’re pushing the boat out at this year’s MACH Show and our stand will demonstrate that we are ideally positioned, technologically and commercially, to meet customers’ CNC and manual machine tool and equipment needs and requirements.

“Our technologies help make manufacturers’ lives better – more productive, more efficient and more profitable.

“Visit our stand (HALL 20 – Stand 402) during the event and we’ll show you how.”

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